Our Steamie Initiative

Students under a STEMIE Project get the full benefits of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) infused with Innovation and Enterprise.

Under this scheme, we support students to become innovators and help to build viable businesses around innovation. As an organization, our work has surpassed the promotion of STEM and developed variants in Arts and other educational choices.

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We have over the years Improved the quality of education for students of primary, secondary, and tertiary levels and preparing them for transition to higher education, employment, or entrepreneurship.

The STEAMIE initiative also covers the training of teachers who will in turn pass the information to the students. We train them on modern techniques and trends to help them help their students to grow into the realization of the set objectives of the initiative.

We have recorded the following short-term outcomes in our STEMIE initiative:

  1. Improved learning outcomes in all subjects – with an additional emphasis on STEM teaching practice.
  2. Students in low resource environments gained skills and business practices that enhance their career opportunities.
  3. Increased use of ICT to support educational outcomes throughout the curriculum.

We also help build businesses around the initiatives students under our STEAMIE Initiatives come up with.

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