Project Financing or Infrastructural Project Development

Organizations looking for funds to implement capital-intensive projects can approach us as we will facilitate the process of getting the needed funds from partnering Banks in Switzerland.

This arm of financing allows Marketing Executives to market this service to organizations that meets the set criteria to be able to access these funds. We cover lucrative projects in all industrial sectors that need financing. Loan/debt financing at 2.5% interest rate per annum, the minimum funding amount of 500, 000 USD to 1 Billion USD matches our interest.

We make project financing accessible through the following steps:

Project Review is done to determine if the project is within the scope of funding and to confirm if the approved budget for reinvestment can accommodate the funding for the project.

Electronic due diligence – We establish contact with the project owner to confirm the details laid out in the application form and business plan. We then define the Terms and Conditions for approving the funds to form a funding agreement foundation between the funder and the project owner. A funding offer is officially made to the project owner after a successful due diligence process.

Project documents legalization handled by UAE Private CPA. In this step project owner(s) will legalize the funding contract document with MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to avoid any government restrictions that can hold back or delay the fund disbursement to the project owner’s newly opened account, and will swear an article of attestation at the court. This will be done by the CPA who will stand as the representative between the finance company and monitored fund disbursement. The project owner will pay for the offshore account setup. The cost of the offshore account depends on the total amount of the loan. This process will be handled by the private CPA in charge of the finance company loan disbursement portfolio at the finance company funding bank.

Fund Disbursement into the offshore account and MOU signing. The finance company will wire the total loan amount into the offshore account and the project owner will have to go to the office of the finance company for the signing of the MOU.

This is a conventional procedure for all non-GCC fund disbursement for international project financing. The tax is 2% of the total amount of the loan and is paid by the project owner or is negotiated by the board of directors on its flexibility.

Insurance Guaranty Bond: The insurance guaranty bond is 1.5%. The finance company will deduct 0.75% from the principal loan amount and will pay 0.75% for the cost of the insurance being paid to a GCC A list insurance company agreed by both the project owner and the funding company board of directors.

Project Presentation/Business plan to cover the following functional areas:

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